Assisting new and fellow beekeepers, capturing swarms, assembling woodenware, extracting honey, and teaching classes on occasion are some of our services. As we're able, we also make salves and balms, lotion bars, candles, and who-knows-what else!
The honey comes from hives set up in several different locations. Since we can't place orders with the bees for particular types of honey, we don't know what we'll have until we have it! Current honey types available: Alfalfa, , Clover, Gallberry, Golden, and Wildflower.  
Prices are currently as follows:
Alfalfa, Clover,
Pound - $10*
  *3 for $25
If/when available:
Sourwood, Locust:
Pound - $15
Creamed Honey (plain or cinnamon):
Pound - $10*
  *3 for $25
Comb is sometimes available for minimal extra charge.
We ship, too; however, we won't know the cost of the shipping until we have your address and can weigh your order at the post office. All packages are shipped priority.


Ashe County Beekeepers Association welcomes new members and   visitors! Meetings are normally scheduled from March thru         November on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. 

 If you are interested in learning more about ACBA, feel free to contact us for information regarding current meeting places!  


Beekeeping classes are offered at Wilkes Community College/Ashe. For more info - 336-846-3900.



(*Bucket for honey collection not provided; jars available at minimal extra cost)

 * Honey currently also available
at The Vintage Locket in West Jefferson
WOODENWARE (assembled)*
~Hive body/deep super (includes 10 frames w/ crimped     wire foundation - $55
~Medium super (includes 10 frames w/ crimped wire, cut comb, or a combination) - $45
~Shallow or medium frames (crimped wire or cut comb)     - $3.00 each
~Deep frames (crimped wire) - $3.50 each
~Drone foundation (deep frame) - $4.00 each
~Lid - $25
~Dual inner cover (screen & solid combination) with
plastic covered feeder - $35
~Screen bottom board/landing board (2 X 6 side pieces) with spacer, slatted rack, metal mouse guard, and 17" X 13" cookie sheet - $50
*With the exception of the frames, all woodenware is either painted white or finished with Eco Wood Treatment. For those who would like to do the painting themselves, the items will have two coats of primer.


Beeswax Candles (pillar, taper, decorative)

Topical Healing Salve

Don't Bug Me! Natural Insect Repellent

Body Lotion (tins)

(*When available; sometimes items can be made to order. Pictures coming if/when life slows down! Contact us for more info!)