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Honey B's

Bees & Honey


Honey * Woodenware Assembly *

Extraction * Mentoring * More!



Randy Baldwin, Journeyman Beekeeper*


(*with a little help from his wife, Helen,

not so much help from their pups, Honey B and Maple,

even less help from newly-inherited cat Mitty,

but a lot of help from the bees!)



Contact Randy:

Home 336-982-8289 / Cell 336-977-9167



Member/Past president, Ashe County Beekeepers Association (ACBA)

Member, NC State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA)




Welcome to Honey B's Bees & Honey! 


I'm Randy, a beekeeper! My wife, Helen, helped as she could until she apparently got in the way of a bee on a mission to the clover field across the road. The stinger imbedded in her forehead (Helen's, not the bee's) wreaked a bit too much havoc and prompted a fun trip to the ER. She's now more wary of having to endure more epinephrine than a bee sting.

I enjoy tending to our bees, but I also enjoy helping new beekeepers get started with their own bees. Sometimes that help comes in the form of mentoring, sometimes it comes by building woodenware. I've taught beekeeping classes in the past.

My primary project the past year has been building a honey shed/workshop. It's coming together; there may actually (finally) be a light at the end of what's been a really long tunnel.... Pictures will follow when it's officially in action!


If you're interested in bees and/or you like honey or have some to extract, you've come to the right place!


We also offer a variety of bee-related products as possible (salves, balms, candles, etc), so keep checking in!




Randy B




Honey B




Honey bees!

(Not really)


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