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Honey B's

Bees & Honey


Honey * Woodenware Assembly *

Extraction * Mentoring * More!



Randy Baldwin, Journeyman Beekeeper*


(*with a little help from his wife, Helen,

not so much help from their pups, Honey B and Maple,

even less help from newly-inherited cat Mitty,

but a lot of help from the bees!)



Contact Randy:

Home 336-982-8289 / Cell 336-977-9167



Past president, Ashe County Beekeepers Association (ACBA)

Member, NC State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA)




Welcome to Honey B's Bees & Honey! 


I'm Randy, and I'm a beekeeper! My wife, Helen, helped as she could until she apparently got in the way of a bee on a mission to the clover field across the road. The sting in her forehead (Helen's, not the bee's) wreaked a bit too much havoc and prompted a trip to the ER.

I enjoy tending to our bees, but I also enjoy helping new beekeepers get started with their own bees. Sometimes that help comes in the form of mentoring, sometimes it comes by building woodenware. I also teach beekeeping classes on occasion.


If you're interested in bees and/or you like honey or have some to extract, you've come to the right place!


We also offer a variety of bee-related products as possible (salves, balms, candles, etc), so keep checking in!




Randy B




Honey B




Honey bees!

(Not really)


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